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Who is CCSI?

For over 17 years, CCSI has been building leading edge custom designed systems using nonproprietary industry standard components - for all applications from office automation to industrial controls. While the company began in the industrial controls arena our concentration over the past 10 years has been on imaging and IT computer systems as well as OEM and ODM design and fabrication. Our distinguished list of clientele includes AT&T, General Electric, HP, INTEL, NASA, Microsoft, FEMA, Lucent Technology, Federal Aviation Administration, US Navy, US Air Force, US ARMY, Thompson Consumer Electronics, Boeing, Brookhaven National Labs, Sandia National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, L3 Communications, EMCC, Microtouch as well as leading colleges and universities from around the country.

We have a long list of interesting projects over the years but we'll only mention a few of the more recent and outstanding ones here.

  • - Most recently we worked closely with AMD and TYAN on thermal and power supply issues with rack mount installations of the dual Athlon systems in the development of our ultra cooled RC0103, RC0222, and RC0304.
  • - In October. 2001 we introduced the CCSI Wind Tunnel that "blows away the competition"
  • - In October, 2001 we are the first to obtain AMD certification for a 1U chassis and power supply for dual Athlon
  • - In June 2001 we were the only company to have a dual Athlon system running at the Taiwan Computex show at the initial dual Athlon product launch
  • - In mid 2001 we designed a rack chassis for tape backups on an ODM basis for HP
  • - In early 2001 we designed the chassis and power supply for Intel's Hamer Rapids 1U dual P3 mezanine motherboard Internet information appliance.
  • - In 2000 we designed the first 1U chassis for dual P3 slot 1 processors using Intel's L440GX motherboard
  • - In 1994 we designed and built the Rapid Raid Super Server with 25 redundant, hot-swappable hard drives and 10 redundant hot-swappable power supplies for Universal Studios, Amblin Division for use with the SeaQuest prime time TV show.
  • - In 1991 CCSI's Imagination Station, multimedia authoring station, was introduced in the COMDEX Fall 1991 Multimedia Pavilion and featured in the COMDEX Fall 1991 Program & Exhibits Guide. In the following year, The Imagination Station garnered several awards from industry experts and publications.
  • - In 1985 CCSI designed one of the first rack mounted PC systems (well ahead of IBM's entry into this market segment)
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